Medicare at Risk

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) contains measures that increased funding to the Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund and decreased payments made by Medicare to hospitals and private insurers. With Obamacare, Medicare’s financial solvency has improved and been extended from 2017 to 2028. If Obamacare is repealed without replacing measures helping Medicare finances, Medicare’s financial solvency will substantially worsen.
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GOP Health Care Bill & Medicare
Financial Solvency

                         Eric Roehm, MD      June 28, 2017 update
The Senate GOP health bill repeals the 0.9% tax that applies to income greater than $200,000/ year. Every dollar of this tax goes directly to Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund. Those that have an interest in maintaining Medicare financial solvency should be concerned.                Details 

AARP sounds the alarm- $117 billion taken from Medicare

Scorecard for ACA repeal proposals & Medicare solvency

Medicare Advantage plans have the benefit of providing additional options for the Medicare patient. Medicare Advantage plans have been substantially more costly for the Medicare program than traditional Medicare plans for the care of similar patients. This excess cost has significantly decreased with legislation in the Affordable Care Act, although Medicare Advantage plans remain more expensive. The projected cost to the Medicare program for not continuing the legislation reducing excess spending in Medicare Advantage plans is 350 billion dollars.   MORE…

Medicare Advantage plans- cherry-picking patients– personal experience
Detailed look at increased costs of Medicare Advantage plans

Medicare Advantage plans and upcoding of diagnoses

Risk pool analysis explains the success and failure of: 

private insurers where medical exclusions are allowed
private insurers in Medicare Advantage plans
Obamacare health exchanges
Paul Ryan’s premium support plan and the care of the sickest Medicare patients


Risk pool analysis foretells the fate of seniors allowed to stay in the traditional Medicare program under a Paul Ryan voucher/premium support plan.

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