First, I want to thank my patients, past and present, who have provided me with the motivation to make this information available.

Second, this project would not exist in its current form without my wife, Sally Roehm. She has been my copy editor for syntax, grammar and readability for all the written content of this website. She also provided invaluable feedback on whether the information developed for the videos was presented in an understandable and clear manner, which led to multiple improvements. (Her suggestions in this regard were legion and invaluable.) In addition, any of the video drawings that have a graceful or pleasing appearance are drawn by her. (The rough schematic drawings are all my own.) Finally, she has given me support throughout this project and accepted the obsession required to bring it to completion.

I also want to thank David Price, neighbor, friend and photo and video enthusiast who provided a great deal of help in the initial attempt of videotaping this project when it consisted solely of a “talking head” in front of a bookcase.

In addition, I want to thank the many persons who gave feedback and suggestions on my webpage design including Corrie Roehm, Elizabeth Roehm, Katherine Roehm, Robert Roehm, Wendell Cathcart, and Thomas Griffin.

Bill Erickson’s excellent work of rendering the Photoshop layout of the website design into a functioning website is greatly appreciated.

Thanks as well to Becky Timmis for giving suggestions for the Women and Alcohol section in regards to making it more useful to potential readers.

And finally, a note of appreciation to the Texas Medical Association library and staff for their assistance in finding a multitude of requested articles.