About this website



The creation of this nonprofit website is the result of a desire to make more information available regarding cardiovascular health, including nutrition. The written material on this website, as well as the videos, have been created by Eric Roehm, MD, FACC, a board certified cardiologist.

The idea to create the website initially developed in response to seeing patients in consultation for difficult to control high blood pressure. Of the patients referred for blood pressure control, only the minority of patients had received any detailed information about a low sodium diet and a DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension).

However, this is not optimal because both these diets result in lower blood pressure and make blood pressure more responsive to the effects of medication.

This website is the result of the desire to make this type of information available to a larger audience via the web.  Videos about a low sodium diet, a DASH diet, the Mediterranean diet, and a fish omega-3 fat  were created along with other material.

This website is a nonprofit, noncommercial website. The author has nothing to disclose, including any financial relationship with pharmaceutical companies. There is no outside funding for this website.

The purpose of this website is to increase the availability of information, well supported by the scientific literature, which is of value to patients with heart or blood pressure problems, as well as individuals who are at risk for developing these conditions.

This website does not offer any individual medical advice. Before making any change in diet or other areas, the individual must consult with their personal physician to determine if the changes considered are suitable for their individual situation.